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Parmanu - Download & Read Parmanu Hindi Comic

Parmanu - Download & Read Parmanu Hindi Comic
Vinay was a highschool student when he saw some criminals kill his classmate during exams. He took an oath to revenge her death. He found the revolver that was used as the murder weapon. The killer was none other than the head of police himself. To save himself from the law, he wanted to recover that revolver and for that he even tried to kill Vinay. He was rescued by his maternal Uncle, Prof. K.K., and was brought to his lab, where the monster Bufalo attacked them. Prof. K.K. revealed the secret that he had made a costume that could give him superpowers. Vinay wore the costume and became the Wonderman Parmanu. After a long struggle Vinay succeeded in killing Bufalo. Thereafter, he killed the killer and took revenge for his classmate's death.
Vinay's mother, father and almost his entire family were killed during the hunt for the criminal. His brother, Vijay, and his uncle, Prof K.K., were the only family members that survived.

Titles in english

  1. Parmanu/Atom
  2. Aag/Blaze
  3. Bulletproof/Bulletproof
  4. Makhhi/Fly
  5. Jonk/Leech
  6. Khor/Devourer
  7. Bichhu/Scorpion
  8. Lutere/Thugs
  9. Blade/Blade
  10. Gangster/Gangster
  11. Barood/Gun Powder
  12. Alpin/AlPin
  13. Baaj/Hawk
  14. Lattoo/Top
  15. Drinda/Maniac
  16. Kekda/Crab
  17. Rewalwer/Revolver
  18. Black Out/Black Out
  19. Underworld/Underworld
  20. Daddu/Daddu
  21. Hahakaar/Chaos
  22. Folad/Iron
  23. Street Gang/Street Gang
  24. Dynamite/Dynamite
  25. Aapahij Gunde/Handicapped Criminals
  26. Ek Aur Parmanu/Another Parmanu
  27. Sawdhan/Attention
  28. Taifoon/Typhoon
  29. Madam Cold/Madam Cold
  30. Vriksha/Tree
  31. Qahar/Rage
  32. Black Spider/Black Spider
  33. Angar/Angar
  34. Gunaker/Gunakar
  35. Ab Marega Parmanu/Parmanu Dies Now
  36. Budhipalat/Buddhipalat
  37. Takker/Collison

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