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Teen Tigara (Bankelal Hindi Comic) (JPEG) - Download Bankelal comics & read hindi comics for free

Teen Tigara (Bankelal Hindi Comic) (JPEG)

Bankelal Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

हर बार राजा विक्रम सिंह का बंटाधार करने की युक्तियाँ सोचने वाले बांकेलाल का इस बार खुद हो गया बंटाधार, उसे लग गया तीन तिगाड़ा योग! लेकिन वो बांकेलाल ही क्या जो खुद पर आई मुसीबत को दूसरे पर ना डाल दे! आखिर बांके लाल ने तीन तिगाड़ा से ही विक्रम सिंह के घुटने तोड़ने की युक्ति ढूँढ निकाली!

Little flair to Banke these days. The story follows the same formula and does nothing too exciting. You can say this is a filler of the set. There is one thing that really offended me about this story--Why does the author use English words in the story? The people of that time period don't even know what English is....very dumb thing to do. Only recommended to hardcore fans of RC, who are easily pleased. Artwork is good however.

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