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Digital (Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Digital (Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic) -
Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Digital (Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic)
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Scientists have succeeded in building a state of the art super computer which is equipped with enhanced artificial intelligence! The scientists have pinned great hopes on this computer to solve problems of the future. Black Cat is about to renounce her crime fighting ways! While she was dumping her dress at a garbage bin around midnight, she witnessed an abduction of an orphan beggar kid. Unable to restrain herself she began her pursuit of the abductors as Black Cat! She managed to rescue the kid temporarily but the abductors displayed super human strength to corner her! Dhruv joined the battle to tilt the scale in favor of Black Cat. After a prolonged battle Dhruv was able to knock off the assailants but to his utter surprise the kid vanished inside an alien ship. Both Dhruv and black cat were baffled by the motive behind abducting a beggar! Rajnagar is witnessing a new scare! An alien seems to digitize the buildings and other inanimate objects and making them disappear in thin air. Dhruv challenges the alien and engages him in a fight. Dhruv manages to outmaneuver the alien and with the help of friendly dolphins forcing the alien to retreat. Chaos is prevalent all around in Rajnagar with everything disappearing in thin air! The aliens have superior technology which cannot be matched by our science! Can the new super computer, using artificial intelligence find a solution to counter this threat? Get hooked to an exciting adventure exclusively on Raj Comics!

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Download Digital - Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic for Free

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