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Jung (Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Jung (Dhruv Hindi Comic) -
Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Dhruv Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Dhruv's past has come back to haunt him! The owner of globe circus, Boss has come back to his senses after a prolonged coma and is plotting to seek revenge from Dhruv. He has found the perfect weapon to neutralize Dhruv; Nakshatra! Nakshatra skills are at par with Dhruv in every aspect! He is an acrobat par excellence and performs stunts in the circus to support his crippled father! Boss first overtakes the circus in which Nakshatra and his father used to work. Boss hatches a well planned scheme to have Nakshatra's father killed in an encounter by commissioner Rajan! His cunning plan is executed by his loyal associates who first instigate Nakshatra's father to point a revolver at commissioner Rajan. On of the associates forces Commissioner Rajan to fire at Nakshatra's father! Nakshatra is made to believe that Commissioner Rajan is a brutal cop who murdered his father in cold blood. Nakshatra vows to assassinate Commissioner Rajan and seek revenge for his father's death! The plan had its desired effect with Dhruv and Nakshatra are locked in a duel. What remains to be seen is whether Nakshatra will kill Dhruv? Dhruv and Nakshatra share uncanny similarities far as their upbringing and their skills were concerned! Will Dhruv manage to rein Nakshatra and stop him from committing the murder of Commissioner Rajan? Get hooked to the thrilling adventure exclusively on Raj Comics!

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Download Dhruv Hindi Comic for Free

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