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Dushman (Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Dushman (Dhruv Hindi Comic) -
Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Dhruv Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Vidushak was a proclaimed offender for serious crimes but could not be prosecuted since he was able to prove that he was mentally unfit to undergo a trail. This dangerous criminal was being transferred to the asylum at Rajnagar. Vidushak manages to give the asylum authorities the slip, only to face Dhruv! But Dhruv had no measure of his opponent and Vidushak was able to throw few surprises at Dhruv and eventually managed to escape! Vidushak comes to know that his gang is being harassed by Haroon Shah Gang. He decides to assassinate Haroon Shah and heads for his yacht. Shweta is dating Shantanu. Shantanu invites Shweta to a yacht which incidentally belongs to Haroon Shah. In a case of mistaken identity Vidushak attacks Shantanu's father, taking him to be Haroon Shah. Vidushak is searching for a painting and blackmails Dhruv to hunt for it! Dhruv is a desperate man with her sister's life at stake! He is ready to accede to the demands of a criminal like Vidushak. So, is there more than that meets the eye? The answer is yes and you can find it out in a thrilling adventure available exclusively on Raj Comics!

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