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Statue (Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Statue (Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Dhruv Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

राज नगर में आ गए हैं पांच अद्धभुत शक्ति धारक बौने शैतान जो जिसको भी बोल देते हैं statue वो बन जाता है उनका गुलाम और फिर उनके आदेश पर वो हत्या जेसे संगीन अपराध करने से भी नहीं झिझकता. इन बदमाशो ने बोल दिया हे नताशा को statue . नताशा को अपराध करने से रोक रहा है सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव. तो क्या नताशा कर देगी ध्रुव की हत्या?

story is very good. concept is very nice.its a good comic after a long time. bauno ki trick bahut jordar thi but wo dhruva hi kya jo aisi trick fail na kar de but us bachche ka concept samajh me nahi ayya. wo robo kaise ho sakta hai? after all its a good story. ARTWORK- NAUPAM SIR ne penciling me jaan daal di hai. ye superman se better tha but need more improvement. First of all artwork of this comic was much more better then previous release i.e superman but artwork still needs improvement. artwrok was good but i cant say it was superb. story was greatmany of the questions are in my mind now like "Who was that 10yr old boy who claimed to be robo?" , what "statue" actually is? dhruv`s cousin looks suspicious and many more which will get cleared after reading game over. I basically wanted to say that story has done its job.

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