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Challenge (Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Challenge (Super Commando Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Super Commando Dhruv Hindi comic - Download Link and Description

Dhruv has been teleported to 2296 while an advanced Robot with artificial intelligence has replaced him in the year 2003. He has been summoned by professor Prasa to rein the mayhem during that age. The super computer which controlled the entire e-transactions of that age has been rendered non functional. The heavy duty silicon graphics processor of this computer has been stolen! People are unable to acquire goods and hence resorted to robbery and arson to fulfill their needs! Professor Prasa challenges Dhruv to retrieve the processor and usher peace and tranquility into their society! Dhruv is ready to under take this mission to save humanity. He has inspector Mitta to assist him in the case. Meanwhile in 2003 King Kong has abducted the robot of Dhruv. The robot enquires King Kong about the motive behind these smuggling operations. Taking the robot to be hapless, King Kong divulged his grand designs of eliminating the entire human race. But it seems that the robot has few aces up his sleeves. In 2006 Dhruv is in unfamiliar territory and has to face opponents who are quite advanced technologically! Can Dhruv outwit his superior opponents and retrieve the processor in time? Can the Robot over power King Kong and act as an apt replacement of Dhruv? The tale unfolds exclusively on Raj Comics!

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