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Mrityujivi (Nagraj Hindi Comic) - Download hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

Mrityujivi (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

mrityujivi nagraj hindi comic set 5 of 2011

Nagraj Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

एक मासूम अंधी बच्ची जिसे दिखते हैं तो सिर्फ शैतान! और वो बच्ची देख रही है इस दुनिया में घूमते ऐसे शैतानों को जो हर जीवित प्राणी को बना रहे हैं जीवित मुर्दे यानी मृत्युजीवी! कालान्तर में देवताओं द्वारा की गयी एक गलती बनाने जा रही है पृथ्वी को चलता फिरता नरक! क्या नागराज इस दुनिया को बचा पायेगा या खुद भी बनेगा एक मृत्युजीवी!

Mritujivi comes out with a lots of expectation and though it had some loop holes,i can say it stands out to the expectation.
I would start with pros, and art was absolutely on of 'em.
Neat colors and good penciling has paid off.
Story while being very gripping, i was expecting more blood and gore and more of "zombie" thing. To point out one more thing, i didn't like the concept, the link that stories create with past and present

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