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Bhagya Vidhata (Bhokal Hindi Comic) - Download Bhokal comics & read hindi comics for free

Bhagya Vidhata (Bhokal Hindi Comic)

Bhagya Vidhata (Bhokal Hindi Comic)

Bhokal Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

What can I say? This comics is class! Sir ji wrote one heck of a story, and man the ending was spot on and is a real surprise. Kaal Kundle is a retard who will not learn his lesson after countless defeats. Must read for fans!
This comics is written in a very very effective manner and the graphics were simply great. I enjoyed very much this comics while reading it.
This was a great comics. It was only Bhokal who could defeat kalkundali. bhokal brain, nervesandpower to surpass the wills of a clever and greedy villain like kalkundali

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