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Mission Critical (Nagraj Hindi Comic) - Download Nagraj comics & read free hindi comics

Mission Critical (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

Nagraj Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Story mein kai saare suspence hain aur kai saari baatein hain jo kai saare alag alag
desho ke hisaab se sachchi hain aur aankhen khol deti hain. Ek achchi aur sahi line par likhi gayi kahani hai. Good read. Artwork is plus point.  What a bakwaas comic. My patience is running out with RC.
Sorry but i find the script very childish. All that detective giri that nagraj does is kidstuff. Plus all the emotional drama is way too melodramatic. Not even a single exciting scene in the whole comic.Guys if u cant come up with better stories then plz just give us plain action ....we wud be thankful......but not such crap in garb of a storyline . Worst was the code decoding part. Hard to believe that only 1 person existed in the world to decode such amateurish code. And plz dont even get me started on the password cracking scene. Worst of the NWS series mission critical was really nice comic.........aur usmein laga ki ab nj apna dimaag istemaal karne laga hai..............haan aur ladkiyon se gussa bhi hone laga hai terra se itne chalaki ki ummeed nahin thi...........ussne to nj ko bhi chala diya tha

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