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AADAMKHORON KA SWARG (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free



Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

A German scientist invents a procedure to induce mutation and turn humans into savage beasts. But he commits suicide when he discovers that his master Adolph Hitler has committed suicide and his invention lay undiscovered. Years later in a chance encounter Dhruv fights a monster that had undergone mutation! This monster was condemned to death by the leader of their gang for breaking the laws of the mutants! Dhruv begins his investigation in the jungles of Nagu Island. Various monsters await his arrival with anticipation! Dhruv has to wade through a forest guarded by these savage monsters! Will he outwit the savage beasts? Will Dhruv manage to infiltrate their head quarters and find the source of the menace? You will be on the edge of the seat reading this racy adventure exclusively

"bhediya jaisa maanav, ya maanav jaisa bhediya!"""
jab dhruv ne ye lines kahi thi to kise pata tha ki hum kuch salon bad sach me jungle k jallad Bhediya ki cmx padh rahe honge...

a great plot...what i like about these stories is they take a leaf out of real history of the world and then add their own fictional element to previous issue anupam sir took the war story of Alexander and Porus and added his own fictional helmet stuff to it, and nw some crazy experiment to Hitler's world war campaign...

great plot, handled really well...but i must say, Anupam sir, A master artist, is also a master of irregularities and plotholes...coz i actually read this cmx pretty late..and i knew that dhruv dont use fire-weapons, and dont kill, but he did both in this cmx for the first time...

but still, it cudn't stop me frm thoroughly enjoying this cmx..
it was dhruv at its detective best...the way he analysed the evidences, the way he fought the different beasts..
simply awesome stuff..

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