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DHRUVA HATYARA HAI (Super Commando Dhruv) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

DHRUVA HATYARA HAI (Super Commando Dhruv)

DHRUVA HATYARA HAI (Super Commando Dhruv)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

A recurrent nightmare haunts Natasha. In her dreams, Dhruv professes his love for Natasha but refuses to accept her as her life partner since she has chosen to become a terrorist and follow the foot steps of her father! Natasha is highly perturbed with these nightmares and appears to be totally shaken up! Unable to watch Natasha in trauma conspires to turn Dhruv into a criminal forcing him to surrender to the authorities! Once a criminal it would be easier to coerce Dhruv to join his gang. Dhruv falls into the trap and believes that he is a murderer! He surrenders and is put behind bars! But then a mysterious woman named Shala helps Dhruv to avoid further traps that wait for him! She helps him to escape from the lock up to prove his innocence and foil the treacherous plot masterminded by Grand Master Robo! Shala appears to be highly protective of Dhruv and takes grave risk to protect him from any danger! Shala incurs the wrath of Natasha for meddling in her affairs! Natasha is also feeling very Jealous of Shala who is displaying a strong emotion for Dhruv!! You won't believe it but its true! Our favorite super hero has been accused of committing a murder! Can his innocence be proved in the eyes of the law when Dhruv is adamant on admitting his guilt! The mystery unfolds exclusively on Raj Comics!
natasha ke Dimaag ki ek aur chaal jo ki dhruva ki pahuncha deti hai salaankho ke peeche..
kahani mein Dhruva ka action khaas ki pehli baar cruelity ki seemaayein tod deta hai.

Password for the file :-

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