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MAIN SAMAY HUN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

MAIN SAMAY HUN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD)

MAIN SAMAY HUN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Since time immemorial humans have desired to control time and it seems that Grand Master Robo might be the lucky one to do so! Junior, a trusted aide of Robo has double crossed Robo and is on his way to North Korea to deliver them smuggled uranium in return for nuclear weapons and usurping the position of Grand Master! Grand master lands up on the deck of Junior's ship to punish him for his treachery! Dhruv intervenes in the fight as he was on the look out for the criminals responsible for smuggling of uranium rods. In a classic under water fight sequence Robo kills Junior while Dhruv damages mechanical parts of Robo. But Robo manages to turn the tables once he finds a device to control the flow of time. Now he would be able to cover long distances in a spit second and dodge his enemies with case who are dazed. Dhruv enlists the help of Natasha to stop Robo from committing some heinous act! She supports Dhruv in stopping her father. Grand master Robo is planning to blackmail the nations to submit to his empire by using nuclear force against them! He can manipulate flow of time! Who has designed this mysterious gadget? Can Dhruv stop the forces of evil to manipulate time for their own ulterior motive?

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