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MATCH (Super Commando Dhruv) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

MATCH (Super Commando Dhruv)

MATCH (Super Commando Dhruv)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Match fixing is rampant in India and crores of rupees are at stake when India is playing a cricket match! The kingpin of major betting syndicate stands to gain an astronomical figure if India loses their match against Pakistan! But there are two obstacles which he needs to take care off to fulfill his motive! First is all rounder Dhaukni who refuses to heed to their directive to throw away his wicket, and secondly Dhruv is in hot pursuit of the syndicate! Chandika foils an attempt to assault Dhaukni while Dhruv finds a vital clue in the form of curator of pitches, Prafful Patera. Prafful Patera has been reported missing under mysterious circumstances and Dhruv has a gut feeling that the syndicate has a role behind his disappearance! The syndicate also tried to assault Dhruv to stop him from meddling in their affairs but was only successful in making his determination more resolute! Star all-rounder Dhaukni is under mortal peril and Dhruv has joined the Indian cricket team as a player to prevent any mishap. But can Dhruv face the probing bouncers from Rawalpindi Express and unmask the kingpin of the betting syndicate simultaneously! The latest score is updated exclusively at Raj Comics!
Dhruva ko cricket match kehlte dekhne ke alawa iss comics mein sirf dimaagi Bojh aur Boriyat aati hai....Kahani ka treatment sahi se nahin kiya gaya ki woh happy moments laaye....
Ending bhi ajeebogareeb dhang se chaunkaane waali hai.

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