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MAUT KE CHEHRE (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

MAUT KE CHEHRE (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) (PDF)

MAUT KE CHEHRE (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Alien ship has landed on the shores of Rajnagar. The occupant of the space craft is a female scientist who possesses five rings to control the forces of nature! Her craft needs nuclear fuel and she ventures towards Rajnagar searching for nuclear fuel using a tracer! Natasha reaches Richa's flat only to find Dhruv holding Richa in her arms! She misunderstands the situation and leaves the flat in a huff. She is convinced that Dhruv is falling for Richa's charm and is cheating on her! The alien scientist finds four goons who are transformed into monsters, the moment they wear the rings given by this alien scientist. Natasha is investigating the links between the underworld and the corrupt politicians! Her investigation threatens to expose crime lord Barco! Natasha is attacked by the henchmen of Barco but Natasha gives them a befitting reply and issues a challenge to Barco! Barco previously used to work for Grand Master Robo and is currently plotting to trap Natasha using corrupt officials! Dhruv is forced to use his grey cells to counter the alien scientist and her army of monsters who can control elements of nature. Dhananjay arrives in the time to help Dhruv but the battle is evenly poised! Will the duo be able to withstand the fury of nature and prevent the scientist from stealing the nuclear fuel?

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