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SAPERA (Nagraj Hindi Comic) - Download Nagraj comics & read free hindi comics

SAPERA (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

SAPERA (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

Nagraj Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

A very good comic no doubt.
With good storyline and a good villain. Had the scale of the story being larger- it would have made a great comic.
at last some sci-fi from anupamji in nagraj series,the cocept was great,suspense maintained was great,all in all a great issue
Yeh badi badi achi comic hai. Es mein koi snake villan nahi, ya koi super natural nahi. saab kush science aur mystery per based hai. yeh comic mudjko purana Nagraj ki yaad delati hai. 5 stars.

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1 comment:

  1. direct mediafire is opening after download link but no download option only upload !!


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