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VINAASH (Nagraj Hindi Comic) - Download Nagraj comics & read free hindi comics

VINAASH (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

VINAASH (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

Nagraj Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Yeh kahani Ek praacheen maanyta par based Bhagwaan Kalki Avtaar lenge aur Paapiyon ka Vinaash karenge....kya aisa ho paya...iske liye yeh Milestone comics padhiye.
This is one of ideal comics for SCD, NAGRAJ- 2 in 1 series....
This comics will remain a trademark and pride for RC in many coming years....
ANUPAM SINHA was in grt form in telling this work was super..inking by BITTHAl ji was very nice...many characters, villain was presented nicely..SCD brain was applied
brilliantly....climax was also page 96, compact story was told..
VInash is in my top 10 list of raj comics and thats tells a lot. The situations are nice and varied and will never bore you, also the main villan is very deadly in the end. The story is sort of like end of the world approching, but heros and villans work together to stop that! I liked it a lot.

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