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KAALDHWANI (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) (PDF) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

KAALDHWANI (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) (PDF)

KAALDHWANI (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD) (PDF)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Scientists working for Natasha have managed to create a new metal named Vibranium! Vibranium has a unique property of absorbing all forms of sound energy. It could also harness this sound energy and release it in the form of weapon of mass destruction. This was possible by using sound energy converter which could convert matter into sound waves. Natasha informs the leading terrorist organization about using Vibranium as a weapon and invites bids for the new weapon! The same night, Dhwani Raj attempts to usurp the invention. Natasha is cornered and faces an execution squad, when Dhruv intervenes as a knight in shining armor! Dhruv had figured out the fighting style of Dhwani Raj earlier and was able to ward off his attack with ease. Dhwani Raj knew the futility of attacking Dhruv and hence attacked Natasha instead! Natasha wasn't able to fend the attack and crashed with the converter and vanished in thin air! Was Natasha dead? Will Dhruv manage to seek revenge against Dhwani Raj? Ninad a mysterious creature is out to seek Dhwani Raj! Is she a friend or a foe?

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