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DOGA DIARIES 2 Namard (Doga Hindi Comic) (JPG) - Download Doga hindi comics

DOGA DIARIES 2 Namard (Doga Hindi Comic) (JPG)

DOGA DIARIES 2 Namard (Doga Hindi Comic)

Doga Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

रात के रक्षक डोगा के आठ ऐसे खौफनाक अनकहे केस जो किसी कठोर दिल इंसान का दिल भी दहला सकते हैं! 8 कहानियों में से सभी अच्छी हैं बस 'नर्क में है डोगा' कुछ ख़ास पसंद नहीं आई.....मिड नाईट चिल्ड्रेन, ब्लाइंड मर्डर, डेमो और नामर्द बहुत अच्छी लिखी गयी है.......आर्टवर्क कुछ ख़ास नहीं
The stories were really thrilling and I loved the twist endings in all of them.
But a better job could have been done on the paper quality.

Though the artwork looked great on facebook, the print version has spoilt all the fun. The images are pixellated and the colour seems to be faded. The text is very sharp which means that there has been some problem in printing on paper the digital version of the images and colour.
The paper quality should have been better - probably high quality paper with glossy finish - this would have ensured what we see on the computer screen actually gets replicated on paper. I would prefer reading these stories on a computer screen any day rather than the print version.

Password for the file :-

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