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DOCTOR VIRUS (Dhruv Hindi Comic) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

DOCTOR VIRUS (Dhruv Hindi Comic) -
Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


Dhruv Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description
Dr. Vargees is a renowned virologist working industriously on a top secret military project! He has managed to obtain a special beta virus which induces a mutation in plants there by helping them to retaliate against attacks just like animals. The mutation increases the strength of these trees manifold, which matches the strength of a battle tank! The beta virus was tested only on plants and its effects on humans were unknown! The beta virus is annexed by Dr. Virus, a brilliant but psychopath scientist who wishes to rule the world by manipulating these viruses. Dr. Virus injects Dr Vargees with the beta virus and escapes from the crime scene. An explosion in the mountain causes an avalanche and the entire laboratory is buried under snow. The death of Dr. Vargees is deemed as an accident just as Dr. Virus had hoped it to be! Dr. Virus tests the beta virus on the humans and unleashes a host of monsters to commit crimes and fund further research work. These monsters have unbelievable strength and are totally under the control of Dr. Virus through a computer chip! One man dares to stand up against his biological warfare and is determined to foil his plans. Dhruv has succeeded in defeating one such monster but will he manage to conquer an entire army! Dhruv is determined to thwart Dr. Virus in his evil plans! He is aptly assisted by Vanputra and the mysterious iceman! The trio unites their strength and wits to stop a powerful and lunatic scientist who has no qualms about unleashing biological warfare on the entire human race! Get hooked to the exciting adventure exclusively on Raj Comics!

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