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Avdhoot (Kobi Aur Bheriya Hindi Comic) - Download Kobi Aur Bheriya hindi comics & read free hindi comics

Avdhoot (Kobi Aur Bheriya Hindi Comic) - Download Kobi Aur Bheriya hindi comics & read free hindi comics


Kobi Aur Bheriya Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Avdhoot.. Hummmmm Nice character though.. And it was nice to present a new character in flash back and tha too In a separate issue.. It can be done in future too if your planning a new character to introduce.. Story was nice but there are some points which made story for me a lil dum.. Not that but.. but wasnt impressive at all for me!! But it doesn't mean if i coundnt find anything good in that comcis so others have to follow me.. aur should get agreed with my opinion!! So what i feel bout the story is as follows!!First Of all The Characters Origin is missing.. Avdhoot Borned In bull Kabila when Peaoples there are Half human and Half bull/cow.. How come avdhoot get born Full human and with lil special powwers.. Okay if it was kinda gifted birth.. then
it seems okay.. but it was shown no where In the story that Avdhoot Bul kabile mein aisa kyun paida hua? Fine if you wanted to show how aggressive the character is you could have shown it in present also.. so the point is you shouldnt have given the character the separate issue.. if you have done it so you should have worked on each and every part with his origin.. which was missing in avdhoot.. Freaky character.. Crazy instincts.. Mindless killing.. He chould have done or shown in present stories also!! So there lkes the story!
Bull Avdhoot ka wahan?? Now this is too much.. Avdhoot Is Chosen one or say gifted child.. So is Bulla?? Really I was thinking while reading comics that it will be shown some where that how bulla and Avdhoot get related.. but all i found was disappointment..The thing I couldnt Understood at all was.. Bull kabile mein jahaan Bullmanav aur manavi rehti hain.. Us kabile mein gayon aur bailo ki jagah Bhaise kya kar rahi thin Kabila gayon wala aur paalte hain bhaisein.. Aise mein Bulla wahaan ek maatra bail kaise aur kya kar raha tha!!Dialogue delivery was very weak.. There was no single dilogue which impressed me!! Fight between Bheriya (Old Kobi) And Avdhoot was okay.. No wow factor at all!! Else was so-so!!Toh Kahaani dekha jaye toh achchhi thi par in sare points ko nazar andaaz agar na kiya jaye toh kahaani is of no mean!! Could have been easly skipped or merged!So once again i would like to say that i dint like the comics much.. but this is my opinion only.. Others might get disagree with me..
Ratings.. Hmmmmmm 2.5 would be more than enough i think!

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