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Kahar (Parmanu Hindi Comic) - Download Parmanu hindi comics & read free hindi comics

Kahar (Parmanu Hindi Comic) - Download Parmanu hindi comics & read free hindi comics


Parmanu Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

Kahar is definitely on of the best Parmanu comic. The story throws light on thepersonal life of Mamta. The best part that I liked was that in this comic Vinay and not Parmanu has done some fabulous job. Great artwork by manuji. was the writer haneef Azhar? If yes then he did a great job there unlike many issues in the late 90's and early 2000's.

Really a good one.Hanif ji was a super writer.Donno why he is not in RC team anymore.
This is one of the gems given by him.A superb story.And an landmark in parmanu series as this one reveals pralayanka's story.

Perhaps one of the best stories by Hanif ji....Vinay--a well respected police officer--can he do any crime--guess what....parmanu collects the proof to proof that vinay is innocent..but parmanu was many time on the threshold of death..what about praylanka who was kidnapped by captain...what will mamta do...guess...or but this comics...comics was so nice that once i read it thrice in a day...amazing...don't miss it..becoz it is a great link for parmanu life.
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