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NEW WORLD ORDER (Nagraj Hindi Comic) (JPG) - Download Nagraj comics & read free hindi comics

NEW WORLD ORDER (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

NEW WORLD ORDER (Nagraj Hindi Comic)

Nagraj Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

जर्मनी में बिछा षड्यंत्रों का जाल! क्या विश्व फिर से नाजी बर्बरता देखने वाला है? क्या फिर से होने वाला है एक भीषण नरसंहार? क्या सच में हर युग में नरसंहार का कारण रहे हैं इच्छाधारी सांप? क्या सच में इस बार खूनी नरसंहार का कारण बनेगा नागराज?

awesome story sir like the story line and the way the bibilical story of tower of babel is depicted in the comic a must read comic.
just one request from RC kindly explain the meaning of some words used in comics like Führer , soothsayer etc. etc. like you were doing it earlier it helps the reader like me to learn something new as i have learned lot of new words and thing from previous Raj comics :) and still learning :D
Thanks for such a wonderful story now started waiting for Word War.
Raj Comics hai mera junoon !!!!

What a mindblowing comics....story bhut fast pace mein barhi aur itna suspense create ho gaya ki kya bataye// samajh min nhi aa rha hai ki villain kaun hai aur hro kaun...nagraj ne scroll khoj liya lkin aage musibaton ka aana thama nhi...aiting for orld ar...please release it sooN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Password for the file :-

1 comment:

  1. Führer is refered to Adolf Hitler as he was addressed by it during his time....

    Soothsayer means the one who can the future...


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