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HITCH HIKER DOGA DIARIES 1 (Doga Hindi Comic) (JPG) - Download Doga hindi comics & read hindi comics for free


DOGA DIARIES 1 (Doga Hindi Comic) (JPG)

Doga Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

रात के रक्षक डोगा की डायरी से लिए गए दिल को दहला देने की ताकत रखने वाले आठ खौफनाक केस जिन्हें कभी भी डोगा ने सरेआम नहीं किया था!

The thing is, some new backdrop is needed with the coming of new generations even if the original story arc is splendid, otherwise, the character will rot and finally die. For example, take Ultimate Spiderman; a parallel story line of Spidey where Peter Parker is a teenager instead of a fully grown adult. Though many Amazing Spiderman fans despised this alternate avatar, the Ultimate Spiderman was an incredible hit and no doubt brought Spidey into focus of current kids. Apply common sense, comics like Doga, Dhruv and Nagraj were started a few decades ago. If we want today's readers to carve for these character, we must have to avoid this monotonous culture. According to me, Hitch Hiker is a really amazing re-incarnation of Doga and will make him popular among today's kids. Remember guys, we 'were' kids when we started reading this stuff. We are no more and the likes have differ with the coming of new generation as it has been happening since the origination of human beings. We should keep this fact in mind and should not try to condemn new experiments and force what we had liked. Some new and good change is always welcomed.

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