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SHAH AUR MAAT (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

SHAH AUR MAAT (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF)

SHAH AUR MAAT (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

A robbery was taking place at a jeweler's office in of Rajnagar. When the entire security mechanism was anticipating the robbers to take the arrival route for escape, Dhruv was patrolling the basement. Dhruv's razor sharp thought processing helped him to apprehend the robbers without any fuss. This incident was covered extensively by the press and few shady characters began to take active interest in Dhruv! They analyzed that Dhruv was uncomfortable fighting against aliens. Rajnagar was witnessing crimes which made no sense. A sick and demented criminal is busy killing intellectuals and extracting their brain! One of the delegates to an international seminar, Miss Nataulia is concerned about her security and requests Dhruv to provide her security. Dhruv manages to save her from a robot which was sent to kill her. The situation is complicated with the appearance of the aliens who claim responsibility for the weird killings! Dhruv is baffled! Aliens are hell bent on extracting human brain! Scientists have declared that the robot which attacked Nataulia could be of an alien origin. Compounding his troubles, Shweta has been diagnosed of meningitis! Is it an alien race or a sick mind?

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