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SHEETAN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF) - Download Dhruv hindi comics & read hindi comics for free

SHEETAN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF)

SHEETAN (Super Commando Dhruv-SCD Hindi Comic) (PDF)

Super Commando Dhruv (SCD) Hindi Comic - Download Link and Description

The clock of evolution has been reversed. Mammoth, which was extinct for centuries, has been roaming on the streets of Rajnagar! His arrival has been augmented by snowfall in Rajnagar which was an unprecedented event in itself. Vanputra is attacked by goons who have a particular interest in the cylinders which Vanputra has been carrying along with him. Before things get out of control Dhruv joins the fight and manages to save Vanputra! On interrogation Dhruv finds out these goons were hired on contract to steal these cylinders. The mammoth and a snow robot attack a factory in Rajnagar which specialized in making coolants. Dhruv and Vanputra are joined by Dr. Varghese. Dr. Varghese tests the gasses contained in the cylinders and concludes that these gasses are very high grade refrigerants. A new breed of living being comes to Rajnagar in their quest for these refrigerants. They acknowledge themselves as Sheetans and begin to cause mayhem in the town. Now Dhruv and Vanputra are out to confront these creatures. Will they best the odds and win over these ice monsters. Who are these mysterious monsters? What is their motive behind stealing these refrigerants? 

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